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We believe that what the world needs are people that follow in the footsteps

of Christ and humbly serve where they see the Father already at work.




                                                This is a community that is God & people centered, not program centered. 

Our vision is to have a church that feels like a family; a place where people can participate in guided groups that will mutually care for each other. 

Our aim is to be part of the process to restore hope in each person who comes to this church. 

Our hope is fixed in a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ and others.



This community will have a passion for reaching out to the larger community,

in and through relationship and servant-hood. 

A progressive, purpose filled outward focus will prevail the attitude,

thinking, and planning of this church.


This community will constantly be looking for ways to keep things fresh. We don’t have to do the same thing twice the same way.  Church should be fun, life-giving and exciting and to that end,

we will look for ways to keep our personal and collective walk with the Lord fresh. 


This community will seek to foster Spirit-led relevant worship and services.

This worship will pervade not just our corporate meeting times but all that we do. 



This community will be dedicated to being a learning community.

We believe that we need to constantly learn how to follow Christ and to share in that journey with others. 

Jesus’ final command was to “go and make disciples of all nations.”

Therefore, we shall strive to learn,  teach and obey everything that Jesus commanded.



We are dedicated to the ministry of restoration.

Through the calling given to us by the Lord Jesus and through the continuing

direction of Holy Spirit we will actively seek to live lives in Godly freedom and

grace while sharing that same love to those who come here.


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